IMY3 stand-alone recruitment - guidance added to website

Further details about the new IMY3 stand-alone recruitment process are available. This process is for those who have undertaken, or are currently undertaking, core medical training (CMT) or ACCS acute medicine (ACCS-AM) and wish to return to training at internal medicine year 3 (IMY3) to continue their physicianly training.

The website has been updated with a section specifically for the IMY3 process, with detailed guidance for prospective applicants. This is the primary source of information for applicants to IMY3 posts and covers areas such as: the timeline, eligibility criteria, post information and how posts will be allocated. As and when further information becomes available, we will update the website, major announcements will be accompanied by a and we will send a further email to those signing up for communications via the Expressions of Interest survey.  

Additional queries

Should you have any queries which are not answered on the website, please see the contacts page of the IMY3 section for details of who to contact.